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Equipment Improvement Solution

Fine Pitch Alteration

Recent ¡®Lead Pitch¡¯ of TAB material is reduced about 10~20§­ comparing with older ones, there is possibility for many inferiorities by miss-alignment. We solve this problem by changing it¡¯s camera to the high quality camera system. It is called as ¡°Fine Pitch alteration¡± .

* Features
a. Improvement the alignment value and the quality
       of  LCD module by using to the high quality
       camera system.
   b. 3 Pattern registration.
   c. L-check


Tact-Time Reduction

Reduce the Tact-Time by changing working flow by Tact-Time remodeling, but the performances or functions of the Equipment are the same as before.

* Features
a.  Improve the Productivity & Capacity of  
         the equipment.
    b.  Redesign a Movement Flow.
    c.  Shorten strokes.
    d.  Reduce approximately 5sec of Tact-Time.


Client's Request

Checkup & Examination of the Equipment

Making a target Tact-Time

Redesigning a movement flow

Changing machinery tools&shortening strokes

Trial Operating  

Enhance  Equipment's production capacity

Client's Satisfaction

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    Customer oriented design available.
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