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Repairing Equipments

Panel Flatness Measurement System

Panel Flatness Measurement System measures the modified condition of LCD Panel by using a laser displacement sensor.

* Specification
a. Applying True Flatness.
   b. Vertical Bending
   c. Horizontal Bending.
   d. Warpage.
   d. Possible to use as INLINE type.

POL Laminator

POL Laminator laminates polarizer film from LCD Panel for repairing.

* Specification
a. GLASS/POL Loading & Unloading : Manual
   b. Pol first laminating Clamp : Manual
   c. Remover : Auto
   d. Stable operation by using a FIX ROLLER

POL Attach machine

POL Attach machine attaches polarizer film on LCD Panel.

* Specification
a. Easy operat
   b. Eliminating foreign substances by using a clean roller
   c. Fine tuning of attaching pressure

ACF Attach machine

ACF Attach machine attaches ACF on LCD Panel before bonding FPC, TAB or Chip.

* Specification
 a. Easy operation.
   b. GLASS Loading & Unloading : Manual
   c. ACF Feeding : Auto

COG Bonding machine

COG Bonding machine semi-automatically attaches COG on LCD Panel.

* Specification
 a. Easy operation.
   b. GLASS Loading & Unloading : Manual
   c. IC supplying : Auto
   b. GLASS Loading & Unloading : Manual
   d. Alignment : Auto
   e. Realizing the high precision
   f. Applying the machine vision system

TAB/FPC Bonding Machine

TAB/FPC Bonding machine attaches FPC on LCD Panel.

* Specification
 a. Easy operation.
   b. FPC Loading : Manual
   c. Alignment : Manual

PCB Bonding machine

PCB Bonding machine attaches PCB on LCD Panel, TAB attached.

* Specification
 a. Easy operation.
   b. GLASS / PCB Loading & Unloading : Manual
   c. Alignment : Manual

    Specifications may be changed without notice.
    Specifications are subject to customer's technical requirement.
    Customer oriented design available.
    Please contact our sales staff for details of products and services.
    The pictures of products in this website may not be the same as the delivered products.

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